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HornBlasters Shocker XL 240 Train Horn Kit

HornBlasters Shocker XL 240 Train Horn Kit

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HornBlasters Conductor's Special Model 240 Train Horn Kit       

Hear this horn!

Extremely Loud, durable, and unique, the Shocker Model 240 Train horn kit delivers the performance you need. The Shocker 240 kit comes with a HornBlasters American made Shocker S4 Train Horn. These horns have a very loud, genuine sound.  If you're by train tracks, bystanders will 100% think the horn is coming from the train.  The sound is amazingly accurate for a fraction of the cost. The horns are hand-tuned in the USA to meet the government mandated train signal chord, reenforcing our statement about truly sounding like a real train horn. 

In addition to the HornBlasters Shocker Horn is a HornAir 240 air system. This air system was designed specifically to function with train horns. The 2 gallon (7.6 liter) tank can recharge from 110 to 150 PSI in just under 40 seconds! The tank refills using the Viair 400C compressor. This compressor is a workhorse and is used amongst all of the best train horn kits. Viair has worked with some of the largest fortune 500 companies and has now partnered with us to bring together this great kit.  

This is truly the kit of all kits from HornBlasters.  It is economical while also being insanely loud and authentic at the same time.  Please look around and do not hesitate to call us if you have any more questions! This train horn kit includes everything you need to install it on any vehicle. Here’s what you’ll get:


  • High-efficiency & Extremely Loud
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragms Won’t Rust!
  • Manifold-less Design For Flexible Installation
  • All-inclusive Train Air Horn Solution!
  • Heavy Duty Compressor For Faster Fills!
  • All Standard Mounting Hardware
  • Max Honk Time: 5 to 7 Seconds
  • Can be heard from almost 4 Miles away!

Train Horn Kit Includes:

  • HornBlasters Shocker XL Train Horn
  • DOT Rated 2 Gallon Air Tank
  • Viair 400C Compressor
  • Viair 110/150 PSI Pressure Switch
  • Remote Mountable Intake Filter Assembly
  • Air Filter Cartridges
  • 10 ft of 5/16 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 17 ft of 1/2 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 6ft 3/8in Air Line (For Intake)
  • 18 ft of 12 Gauge Power Wire
  • 1/2 inNPT Electric Solenoid Valve
  • HornBlasters 200 PSI Air Gauge
  • Brass NPT Fittings Kit Including Safety Valve and Blowoff
  • Wiring & Plumbing Kit
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Earplugs