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Kleinn Triple Train Horn Kit  HK8

Kleinn Triple Train Horn Kit HK8

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Kleinn Triple Train Horn Kit  HK8     

Hear this horn!

The Kleinn HK8 Kit has an awesome flat rack horn design that will be sure to catch everyones attention. These horns measure in at a huge 17.5", 15.5", and 11.5" long.  These horns are also detachable from the mounting plate and can be mounted anywhere on your car which ultimately leaves your design options endless. This allows for some very unique designs to show off these awesome horns.  The part that makes this kit one of the loudest on the market is the BlastMaster valve upgrade kit.  With this kit installed, it pushes the decibel level to an insane 157 dB. This upgrade kit will give an increased air flow to your horns and push it to a sound you've never heard before.  Essentially, this upgrade allows for each horn to get direct air flow rather than splitting the air up between all of the horns. Trust me, the difference is mind blowing! 

The kit will also include a 150 psi, 100% duty air compressor.  Additionally, as with the HK7 kit aswell, it comes with the upgraded 3 gallon air tank that will give your horns plenty of power. This air tank also comes with a full tire inflation kit as well as other accessories like air bags and small air tools.  This kit also includes all of the other parts imperative to installing this huge kit. A full list of the parts is below.  

Kleinn Triple Train Horn Kit Contents:

  • Triple train horn
  • (3) 12 volt electronic solenoids
  • 150 PSI air compressor
  • 3 gallon air tank
  • Pressure switch (120 PSI on, 150 PSI off)
  • Drain valve, safety valve and outlet air fitting
  • Steel braided leader hose with check valve
  • "Snorkel" remote air intake
  • 12 ft high pressure nylon air tubing
  • 35' tire inflation coil hose
  • Horn button
  • 30/40 amp relay
  • 30 amp fuse & fuse holder
  • Teflon thread tape
  • Mounting hardware & instructions